Kigali International Airport (HRYR)

Kigali International Airport (HRYR) V1. This is the Largest Airport in the Republic of Rwanda. The Airport scenery was built from Sketchup, SBUILDER and ADE v1.78 utilizing Google Earth for correct positions. Runway lights by AFL Lights. This is version 1, it includes Main Terminal, VIP terminal/Control tower, Fire Station, hangars Afcad. Needs RWY12 Object library (available on avsim and flightsim, if objects arent showing up, put all RWY12 objects into addonscenery/scenery and addonscenery/textures folders, move all items from "static object library" folder into those folders and undeclare the "static object library" folder in your sim...some people had issues with textures showing up with rwy12 library).

File Name: HRYR-Kigali International Airport V1 on avsim and flightsim