Abeid Amani Karume Inernational Airport (HTZA)

This is the main International Airport in Zanzibar, Tanzania. The Airport scenery was built from Sketchup, SBUILDER, Fencebuilder Pro and ADE v1.76 utilizing Google Earth for correct positions. Objects placed with Instant Scenery 3. This is version 1, it includes Terminal 1, Terminal 2 (under construction), Old colonial era terminal, Fire Station and GA Hangar and facility areas. and the "correct" afcad. More improvements will come once new terminal is open . Needs RWY12 Object library (download it in avsim.com or flightsim.com or just google it :)) to see all the objects. Credit goes to ItaySimDesign who helped with the scenery and is working to release the scenery for P3d users. I added a ficticious ILS (frequency 110.5) for runway 18. Zanzibar doesnt have ILS installed yet.

File name: zanzibarv1.zip Avsim or flighsim